Since the 90's, the global trend has been the establishment of formal deposit guarantee systems. The rationale behind this trend is authorities' increasing concern with the stability of the financial system. This is reflected in the implementation of additional instruments for monitoring and control, as well as the consequent creation of system protection networks. Ultimate instance loans, efficient regulation and supervision, appropriate legal structures and direct protection to depositors through a guarantee system, are elements of this network designed to maintain a solid, healthy banking system.

Brazil has followed this trend.

The National Monetary Council's (Conselho Monetário Nacional - CMN), Resolution 2,197 of August 31, 1995 authorized the "setting of a private non-profit organization to control the protection of credit holders against financial institutions".

In November 1995, the Statute and Regulation of the new organization were approved and Resolution 2,211 of November 16, 1995.







To protect depositors and investors within the scope of the National Financial System, up to the limits established by the regulations;


To contribute to the maintenance of the stability of the National Financial System;


To contribute for the prevention of systemic banking crisis.


To contribute with people confidence at National Financial System. 



Public interest | Excellence |  Integrity | Respect | Pride


Principles reinforcing Confidence

  • Technical rigor to preserve impartiality and exemption

  • Legitimacy conferring respect

  • Timeliness to be efficient and fair