Thursday, March 23 , 2017
Payout System


1. The Liquidating Bank prepares and separates (according to branches) lists that consolidate credits based on CPF/CNPJ (Natural Person Register/National File of Juristic Person) of beneficiaries with the amount each of them will receive FGC as well as the respective payment documents (Assignment Documents).
2. Payments will be made via a Paying Bank, chosen by FGC, in its branches located close to the ex Liquidation Bank branches to facilitate the beneficiaries 'access.
3. At the moment the beneficiary receives the credit he or she should sign the Credit Ceasing Commitment to FGC, which will be sent to the branches of the Paying Bank (one copy is for beneficiary, one will serve as proof to the Paying Bank and one will be sent to the Liquidating Bank it will be microfilmed).
4. Credit direct to checking accounts is not allowed, even if the beneficiary has an account with the Paying Bank. Once the signature in the Credit Ceasing Commitment is mandatory the beneficiary will have to be present or send an authorized officer to do so. (a proxy will be accepted)
5. Neither the beneficiary nor FGC will be charged for this service.

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